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Automatic spreading machines, cutting room equipment

Knives and other…

Other devices available in our offer:


Belt knifes A 105, 150 S, 105 SE

Four wheels guiding the belt makes it the most precise belt knife on the market.



TALL 2000 Servo-Cutters


Cutting system with vertical knife designed to work with a vacuum table or an ordinary cutting table.



Fabric rolls loaders

Loaders loading rolls from the floor or table surface.



Rolls storage

Fabric feeding belt over the entire roll width, with a unique tension control system, allows spreading of even the most delicate woven and knitted fabrics


Ordinary, with an airbag,
vacuum – designed for cutting of fluffy fabrics such as wadding,
moving of Conveyor type – designed to work with an automatic cutter.

Accessories, parts

We offer a full range of accessories, parts and materials for devices offered by us, such us:

knife blades, sharpeners, spare parts, etc.